Epic journey by Trans-Siberian Railway

It is true that our time is not recoverable but most likely you will not consider this week you will lose traveling the Trans-Siberian railway as a wasted time.  Changing landscapes, various train stations in Siberia and the Far East. It is also an opportunity to relax and forget everything stressful what we have in our lives today. Good company of other travelers, etc.

While traveling by the Trans-Siberian Railway is not important to reach the final destination but what is important is the journey itself.  If all you care is reach Vladivostok or Beijing  you could catch the plane. As is the case of our own life, what is the most important is enjoy the moment  and we should not be interested  to reach faster our final destination ... Well enough of jokes and let’s take the train!

cabin in second class

Cabina de segunda clase

In the hallway of the train you can walk and enjoy the scenery

Train station in the city of Belogorsk in far east of Russia

Photos of landscapes taken from the train window

The journey by the Trans-Siberian railway starts from Moscow. From Moscow you can travel directly to Vladivostok or Beijing without stepping out of the train. Having come to Moscow would be worth staying a couple of days and visit some of its museums that are known worldwide.

In Moscow you can walk by the famous pedestrian street called "Old Arbat"

The art of the twentieth century in the Tretyakov Gallery. The paintings present the great Soviet leader Josif Stalin

The city of Yekaterinburg used to be called Sverdlovsk during the Soviet era. In Yekaterinburg the Bolsheviks killed Tsar Nikolaus 2 and his family in 1918. The house where the crime took place no longer exists and there is now the Orthodox church and the museum where you can see personal items and photos of the Tsar's family. The old house were destroyed by the soviet government during the Soviet era in 1977. Yekaterinburg is situated on the imaginary border of Europe and Asia, here Europe ends and begins Asia. Yekaterinburg streets have names and Soviet Lenins monument stands firmly in the center of the city.

Lenin Street in the center of Yekaterinburg

In the place of the house where bolsheviks murdered the Tsar's family today stands the Orthodox Church

Every person who is traveling the Trans-Siberian Railway must step out of the train and visit Lake Baikal. There is even possibility of traveling by the old railroad track with the special train which is taking off a couple of times per week from the village Listvyanka. From the train you can enjoy unforgettable views of the lake Baikal. The trip lasts 12 hours and ends in the station of the city of Irkutsk. The lake water is quite cold but sometimes in August and September you can swim in the deepest lake in the world. By the Lake Baikal you have to try the fish called Omul who lives only in Lake Baikal.

The center of Irkutsk

Lake Baikal

Old railroad track by the lake Baikal

Russia is so wast that different areas of the same country seem like different countries. The Republic of Buryatia which is located near the border with Mongolia look like as if nothing have changed there since 1985. Soviet Shields, monuments and streets and highways with the Soviets names everywhere. I was feeling nostalgic because I myself was born in the Soviet Union but I think that is the reason behind why we are traveling ... to visit different places and have unforgettable sensations. This republic of Russia offers among other things monasteries and Buddhist temples because it is a republic of the Buddhist religion. Ulan-Ude is a beautiful city with its pedestrian streets, fountains and restaurants and shops. The Russian writer Anton Pavlovič Cehov who lived in Ulan-Ude called "Beautiful little town"

I have understood that the Soviet epoch was for the republic of Buryatia an era of autonomy, economic development and welfare that this republic had not enjoyed before during the time of the tsars. In all cases people of Buryatia are nostalgic about the Soviet era and are still greatly admiring the great leader of the Bolsheviks Vladimir Lenin and his famous monument is situated in the center of Ulan-Ude. This is the largest Lenin head in the world.

However historically it is true that Lenin did give more autonomy and freedoms to this area. Some even believe that the ancestors of Lenin were from Buryatia and Lenin had some Asian features, who knows ...

Really I used to think that Vladivostok is nothing more than a place where ends the great Trans-Siberian route(well you can’t go any further). That’s why Vladivostok for me was a big surprise. What a modern city! It seems as though traveling to the east you will arrive to the west. You can find a part of Europe in the Far East with near neighbors North Korea, China and Japan. Vladivostok is a city with very clean streets, many parks and ports with ships and boats. It is a pity that very few foreigners visit Vladivostok but it’s understandable because the big tourist magnets like Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul are near Vladivostok and that’s why many travelers stay unnoticed of Vladivostok.

During the Soviet era Vladivostok was a closed city and to enter you had to ask permission even if you were a citizen of the USSR. However the city has developed a lot since disintegration of the USSR. Commercial port, good air and railway connections with other regions of Russia and the proximity of China and Japan have provided economic development in Vladivostok.

In 2012 a meeting of APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)was held on Russky Island (Russian island) in Vladivostok. For this reason a whole new city were built in the Russian island including the new bridge between the island and the city of Vladivostok. Today it is the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world. The city built on the island for the APEC meeting today is used as a university campus which is having 4 faculties.


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